quinta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2011

I have a owl in my bag!

Ok. Passing by Fashiolista this morning, I found the cutest bag! Small, funny, stylish. How to wear? With (almost) everything!
Foxy Lady Bag

For an example, pair it with a black bodycon skirt, delicate jewelry, denim shirt and a beautiful pair of shoes. Note how the black with brown works perfectly: one enhances the other, making you look gorgeous.

Asos denim shirt, Topshop bodycon skirt, Forever 21 brown clog, Forever 21 gold necklace, ModCloth Lady Bag.  

I picked a brown clog. However, other shoes can be used, like low heel boots, nude heel or even dramatic shoes.

quarta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2011

Easy in the morning, with a tee #2

Ok, last post i told to you guys, how to wear a simple tee and still look great. Yesterday, I brought this knowledge to life! hahaha.

I paired my light pink tee, with a light jeans, my owl necklace and wedge bow heel. It's a look that's confortable, practical and beautiful!
See, how it's easy? Try you too!

segunda-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2011

Easy in the morning, with a tee.

You in a hurry. Have 5 minutes do get dressed. First thing that comes into your mind? A t-shirt. But wait! Today, you have important things to do, and just can't look sloppy.
So easb, once again is here to help you with that. A t-shirt, is something that almost everybody has in their wardrobes. It can be black, grey, white, with prints, without prints... And if you know how to play with it, the tee will become a really helpful piece.

If you want something more casual, it can go with jeans, a jacket, accessories and a shoe with a low heel (or a sneaker!). It's important though, you do not look too basic, too safe: glam those choices up, with rings, necklaces and/or earrings.

tee #2

However, if you're inspired or want put the tee for a night out with friends (or maybe a date!), you can pair it with a black bandage skirt, powerful high heels and once again, accessories.

simple tee #1

Remember: one of the most important things in a look, is the color palette. Make it work!

domingo, 23 de janeiro de 2011

How to... Wear powerful heels.

You know when you look at shop windows, and see those gorgeous heels, in different colors, and shapes? Well, usually,you think: "I'll never wear something like that!" BUT, easb is here to help you with that.
Actually, is something that is easy to combine. Remember that the key for THE LOOK, is pairing those heels, with simplicity, once that the heels are a statement for itself.

Another thing to remember, is color palette. For an example. If you choose the purple one: you won't pair it with a red dress. You should pair it with a light color dress, or a jeans and a nude blouse.But remember always playing with accessories! For an example:
With jeans, with dress, killing purple is always a good idea.

See, how easy can be? You just have to pay attention in two things: color palette and simplicity. However, simplicity, as you saw, does not necessarily means a LDB, or colors like grey, white and black. You have options!