domingo, 23 de janeiro de 2011

How to... Wear powerful heels.

You know when you look at shop windows, and see those gorgeous heels, in different colors, and shapes? Well, usually,you think: "I'll never wear something like that!" BUT, easb is here to help you with that.
Actually, is something that is easy to combine. Remember that the key for THE LOOK, is pairing those heels, with simplicity, once that the heels are a statement for itself.

Another thing to remember, is color palette. For an example. If you choose the purple one: you won't pair it with a red dress. You should pair it with a light color dress, or a jeans and a nude blouse.But remember always playing with accessories! For an example:
With jeans, with dress, killing purple is always a good idea.

See, how easy can be? You just have to pay attention in two things: color palette and simplicity. However, simplicity, as you saw, does not necessarily means a LDB, or colors like grey, white and black. You have options!

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